No pain, no gain

19 Sep

Wow, it’s been a month since I posted last. There’s been a few things going on. Getting my gammy arm back to normal has been one challenge. I’ve been seeing the physiotherapists at the hospital regularly to try and pull it back into shape. They like to stretch my arm out until it starts hurting, and then pull it just a little further. Not fun! But it has to be done, and for all their efforts, and for my efforts at home stretching regularly, I can now get it straight up and down. Wohoo!! (It’s the little things). I even managed to bust out the YMCA moves at a wedding I went to recently. A wedding that was held despite the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Canterbury in the early hours of Saturday 4th September. It was a gorgeous spring day and a beautiful wedding. Much love and respect to Raukura and Phill for pulling it all together despite all the ups and downs (literally!)

Me with my girls at Raukura and Phill's wedding

The other pain in my life at the moment is going through IVF treatment. We’re doing this to preserve embryos (yes, they fertilise my eggs with my husbands wee swimmers before freezing them) just in case chemotherapy reduces my fertility. I have to inject myself every morning until the 30th of this month. After that, I have to inject myself every morning and every night for another 10 days or so. Throughout the course of the treatment I’m also having regular blood tests. Which can only be done on my left arm, hence the vein is slowly retracting further and further away as it is sick of being pricked, making each blood test just a little more painful than the last. Yes, that’s me, the giant pincushion you see walking around. Gah! The other side affect was that when I first started the treatment last week, it really bottomed out my hormone levels (this is by design) which made me feel quite depressed and also highly emotional. This, mixed with no sleep (owing to the constant aftershocks), made for a fairly crappy few days. My body seems to have gotten used to it now though, because I’ve feeling a lot more normal this week.

I’ve been back at work since the 23rd August too. It was a little tough getting back into it at first, and I ended up being quite sore at the end of each day. I put it down to wearing a bra all day (with my lovely little prosthesis), which would have put pressure across the wound site, which probably wasn’t ideal that soon after surgery. I refused to free bird it at work so I’ve just toughed it out. The prosthetic boob is pretty great though! It looks so real, even when I’m only wearing a bra, and I know that no one can tell at all, which is a great confidence booster. The grant the government gives for women that have had mastectomies is enough to cover the prosthesis and a bra that has a special pocket for it to fit into. I bought an extra pretty bra too though (I deserve it don’t I?). I’d like to give a quick shout out to the lovely lady at U Fit In who made me feel comfortable and at ease, and helped fit me into one very practical, and one very pretty bra.

So, the end to the arm pain is in sight, as is the end to the pain of injecting myself everyday. I have a new boob and I’m going to be a bridesmaid for my beautiful sister in law in a couple of weeks. Life is pretty good right now. It even seems like the aftershocks have stopped…… (hope I didn’t just jinx it)


3 Responses to “No pain, no gain”

  1. Ricky September 20, 2010 at 8:35 pm #

    Wohoo. Love you work. Great to read these updates even know I ask you every 30seconds how everything is going!

    Ricky xx

  2. Derri September 21, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

    fabulous news that life is slowly returning to normal, even if the receding veins are making life unpleasant.

    good luck with the ivf, it can take the pressure off you later for sure!

    glad to hear you’re feeling enough like yourself to break out the dance moves =)


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