Rail trail day 2

24 Apr

Feeling: drunk & happy
Distance travelled: 36.2 km
Average speed: 11.5 km/h

After spending the night at the Omakau Bedpost, in the old post office building, we got back on the bikes & did a little detour to Ophir in the morning which was well worth the 6 km return trip. It’s a tiny town with a handful of really cute historic buildings and a pretty awesome bridge.

We got back on the trail and biked to Lauder where we grabbed a takeaway lunch to have later (best cheese scones in all the land from here!). The weather was cooler & cloudier than yesterday & the wind picked up top which didn’t make the climb towards Oturehua any fun. We all got through it OK though, and there was some absolutely amazing scenery along the way, including two tunnels and the majestic Poolburn gorge & viaduct (and a spirited discussion over what exactly the definition of a viaduct was).

My youngest sister, who has recently moved to Queenstown, has come to stay with us tonight, which is awesome because I haven’t seen her since she moved several weeks ago. She brought me a bottle of Pinot Gris that I ordered too which sweetens it even more.

After a BBQ tea, and the bottle of PG (which I shared!) we went down to the Oturehua pub to play some pool and darts. Then it was back to our accommodation for some cards and drinks. I’ve had a great night. Hope my head is OK in the morning.

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