Rail Trail Day 1

23 Apr

Feeling: ridiculously full
Distance travelled: 40 km
Average speed: 11.5 km/h

Right now I’m in the Omakau Commercial Hotel recovering from a seriously good buffet meal – although by the time I get to post this we’ll be somewhere else as there’s barely any cell reception here, and there’s an even slimmer chance of picking up a data connection.

We left from Clyde this morning after having a wonderful nights stay at a B & B (Argyll on Clyde) & biked to Alexandra where we had to stop to get my brother in laws bike fixed (huge shout out to Henderson Cycles & Mowers for helping us out). There’s 11 of us altogether – my husband & I, my sister & brother in law, my mum, my mother & father in law, my two brothers in law & my sister in law & her husband.

Once we got back on the trail we made our way to Chatto Creek where we had an awesome lunch at the Chatto Creek tavern. We were feeling pretty good at this point, but the hardest bit was coming up. In hindsight, having a big lunch before attempting the steepest portion of the rail trail possibly wasn’t the best idea.

It seemed like forever biking uphill (in reality it was only about 7 km) but we all made it. And coming downhill the final few kms to Omakau was fantastic.

So far there has been wonderful scenery, great food and lots of Lycra. Looking forward to tomorrow.

If you are so inclined you can follow my tweets throughout this trip using the #railtrail hashtag.

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