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Post surgery wrap up

13 Aug

Surgery sucks balls.

It’s been 9 days now since my mastectomy and I’m still sore, and likely to still be sore for many weeks yet, although it should get better (so they say). I’m getting frustrated by not being back to 100% already. But that’s me, impatient, and known to want everything done yesterday.

But despite my whining, the doctors say I’m recovering well.

After meeting with the nurse, the anaesthetist and my surgeon, they took me into surgery around 9.15 a.m., Wednesday 4th August. I don’t recall being scared or nervous at all, but then again they had given me a lovely little calming pre-med around half an hour earlier 🙂 The anaesthetic technician spent a while trying to find a vein, then wheeled me into theater and the next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room.

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T minus 8 hours

3 Aug

Tonight we farewelled my right breast with a bye bye boobie dinner at Fuji teppan yaki restaurant. I was surrounded by almost 50 of my closest friends, family and colleagues, which was exactly what I needed. I’m still buzzing from it!

I am trying not to think too much about tomorrow morning’s surgery. I don’t know exactly what time I’ll be going in, but I do have to be at the hospital at 7am! I am not a morning person and that, together with the fact that I can’t have coffee or breakfast in the morning (I’m not allowed to eat past midnight tonight), means that they might be in for one VERY bitchy patient in the morning. I had to attend the preadmission clinic today where I met with a nurse, anaesthetist and house surgeon for more poking and prodding. Continue reading

Testing, testing

30 Jul

This week has been tiring, with more tests and the stress of uncertainty.

To begin with, I had an MRI on Tuesday afternoon. This was to check both breasts to see if there were any other smaller lumps that couldn’t be felt, or picked up by the ultrasound. They also visualise the surrounding lymph node area.

First I had to get an IV in (I hate needles!) and change into yet another glorious gown – although I must admit, the Hagley Radiology gowns have been the nicest so far. So nice, that I got my sister to take a photo – it’s kind of kimono-like don’t you think? Continue reading