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Making babies

31 Oct

I’ve been meaning to write this post for weeks but better late than never huh.

During the writing of my last post I was about 2 weeks into IVF treatment. I decided to subject myself to this crappy process (read: needles every day and mood swings every other day) in order to put some embryos aside in case the upcoming chemo wrecks my fertility.

From the 6th September until 29th September I had to inject myself every morning with a hormone called buserelin. Then from the 30th September until the 6th October I had to have the buserelin every morning, and then a Gonal-F injection every evening. Great fun. It didn’t stop me going up north for 10 days though for my sister in law’s hens’ weekend and fabulous wedding. Pissed me off though that I had to leave the wedding earlier than I would have liked just to go home and stab myself yet another time. All for a good cause everyone kept reminding me. Continue reading


No pain, no gain

19 Sep

Wow, it’s been a month since I posted last. There’s been a few things going on. Getting my gammy arm back to normal has been one challenge. I’ve been seeing the physiotherapists at the hospital regularly to try and pull it back into shape. They like to stretch my arm out until it starts hurting, and then pull it just a little further. Not fun! But it has to be done, and for all their efforts, and for my efforts at home stretching regularly, I can now get it straight up and down. Wohoo!! (It’s the little things). I even managed to bust out the YMCA moves at a wedding I went to recently. A wedding that was held despite the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit Canterbury in the early hours of Saturday 4th September. It was a gorgeous spring day and a beautiful wedding. Much love and respect to Raukura and Phill for pulling it all together despite all the ups and downs (literally!)

Me with my girls at Raukura and Phill's wedding

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